Sunday, December 28, 2008

...a strong 10...

...dear santa part II...

ok so i promised that i would posted picture from the date and reveal the very clever guy who asked me on a date via a letter to santa (see previous entry). his name is bryan bluth. and for our first date he hosted a dinner party with his closest friends and the girl of their choice.

the night before we got together and made some yummy goodness in the kitchen. who knew a cougar and a ute could get along and create some culinary master pieces! we baked gingerbread with lemon sauce, wassail, and red hot apples. i learned where everything went in their kitchen, maybe a little better than his sister. we stay up and talked until about midnight.the next night was the fabulous dinner party. i was an hour late. lol. my ride (because bry was getting everything ready and hosting) was fashionably late due to the fact that his date had fallen alseep and forgot to get a gift for the gift exchange (love you Kenz). We kind of missed the wassail part of the evening.

as soon as we arrived we were seated outside at a table that was decorated thickly (but not too thickly) with holiday cheer. the ambiance was perfect. the heaters kept us warm as we enjoyed french onion soup (that bry made earlier in the day), a spinach salad (that i passed on eating), pork tenderloin, red hot apples, yummy mashed potatoes, and rhodes rolls! YUM! Bryan out did himself. he is a great cook! my compliments to the chef!

the wonderful servers for the meal were Bryan's younger sister, Lexi, and her friend. They were very polite and did an amazing job making sure we were taken care of. By the way i loved how they were dressed in all black. Thanks Lexi.
after we stuffed ourselves silly full of delicious goodness, we moved inside to play greed, catch phrase (j "its made of ham..." a: "put the sanwich in a bag"), and eat dessert. after bry and i washed dishes until about 1 in the morning. i sported his U shirt as to keep from getting dirty (secretly i was hoping to get it dirty while washing dishes and cleaning up my sister has a dirty mind). then talked until about 3 in the morning.

so was there a second date? or possible more... you'll have to wait to find out. more pictures from the evening can be found in the album "i'm dreaming of a white christmas...because is aint going to happen..."

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

...dear santa...

this past weekend i was directed to this pleasant surprise on a poster as big as the wall at a party i was attending. brownie points for being clever. how could i refuse him after this. plus he is pretty cute. as you can see below we'll be going out on Friday. i'm sure you can figure out what that means for the second phone number listed. i'll make sure to take some pictures of the date and reveal the guy then. or you can just go to the album on the right and look him up. lol.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

...yee haw...

learning how to country swing dance

professional photos!

more dancing...

the rest of the BIG apple... FINALLY

Here are the highlights from the rest of our trip. sorry its taken me so long to put this up! you can click on the links on the side to see the albums individually and at your pace... if you want.

New York: Day 4

  • Late Show with David Letterman taping
  • Little Mermaid- Front Row Center!
  • Museum Of Natural History
  • Day time hop on hop off bus tour
  • Lincoln Center
  • Manhattan Temple
  • Bird pooped on my purse
  • Junior's Cheesecake

New York: Day 5

  • Magnolia’s Bakery
  • Wicked(again)

  • NBC Tour
  • Cosi’s with Jackie
  • China Town for dinner
  • Union Square- Break Dancing Competition
  • Shopping!

  • Angelina Arrived

New York: Day 6

  • Liberty Island- Statue of Liberty
  • Ellis Island
  • Lombardi’s Pizza
  • Rice to Riches
  • Pink berry
  • Shopping on Canal St.

New York: Day 7

  • The Today Show Taping
  • Nintendo World
  • Empire State Building
  • Financial District
  • Ground Zero
  • Waterfront
  • Bodies Exhibit
  • Toys R Us
  • Brad passed the Bar

New York: Day 8

  • Central Park
  • Mom and Dad scored free tickets to Lion King
  • Tiffany’s
  • Gap Casting Call for Olivia
  • Shopping
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • FAO Schwartz again
  • Marry Poppins
  • Packing Etc.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

fhe at its finest...

in our church monday nights are reserved specifically as family time. we called it FHE or family home evening. for FHE today we went around NYC on a double decker bus tours... but before that we found our day starting on the subway once again... this time you can see that mom was a little on the happier side than the day before... yay!

we perused times square... went around here and there. jackie and i revisited one of our favorite childhood stores... Sanrio. but this was called sanrio luxe. its the only "hybrid" store of its kind in the world. i bought olivia a hello kitty new york photo album to put her pictures from our trip in... and drum roll.... one of those old school plastic wallets that i used to beg my parents for as a kid. sweet!

later we went to madame tussauds for some smoozing with the celebrity wax figures. Liv loved it. we "met" n sync, bono, jennifer lopez, whoopi, george clooney, michael jordan, etc.

Other happenings that day:
  • Ate lunch at Ellen's Star dust diner where olivia was serenaded "i only have eyes for you..."
  • took the night bus tour around new york...
  • got tickets for the david letterman late show taping
  • FAO Schwartz
  • Seeing the "Naked Cowboy" in Times Square
  • Tiffanys
  • M & M Store

big apple big time!

tuesday was a fun day. to be honest all the days have been really fun. once again we found ourselves riding the subway into lower manhattan. this time it was to times square.

we went and bought student RUSH tickets for the little mermaid that evening and score

Monday, October 6, 2008 fresh

well sorta. today we spent most of our time on the subway! haha. good times.

we started off the morning buying metro passes for the week and figuring out which lines to use to get to our various destinations. my dad and i perfected our "subway" sense on the Underground in London earlier this year. However, the new york subway wasn't as easy with all the closures and such.

so as we were waiting this morning for the right train to come, my mom decided to jump on a train and and check after she got on if it was the correct one. she was yelling at us from the door as we were all preoccupied with our maps and before we knew it the door closed and she was off to wherever all by herself. gosh mom, way to go off and ditch us all there on the platform.

we spent the next hour and a half trying to find her on the subway system! lol. no joke. we told her (through the closed doors) to get off on the next stop and we would follow behind and pick her up. well i guess she interpreted it that as something different. wow. she had gotten off and walked up stairs instead of waiting on the platform. so when we stopped... no mom.

oh and as a side detail she didn't have her metro card because she thought she would lose it and gave it to my dad. nice right? yeah gotta love my family.

we rode the sub down to central park.. still checking at each stop. no mom. no cell service. and no clue where the heck she is. LOVE it! the people who know my mom understand why this is funny and what possible dialogue would follow when we finally all met up again.

so finally we get a hold of her on her cell phone and she is just freaking out about how no one cared about her and how we weren't look for her. you would think we lost her in the amazon or something. she was blaming us all for leaving her out and that we didn't come and look for her. hmmmm. she thought that we were trying to ditch her. when really she was the one that got on the train and left US behind.

anywho... she basically sulked all day even though we told her we loved her and that we were sorry. we did tease her a lot about it. i mean how could you not! it was a great way to start the trip... love you mom.

other than that we hopped on the RIGHT train ALL together and went down to ground zero. i still can't believe it all... its been 7 years. my kids last year were born in 2001 and my kids this year were born the year i graduated from high school 2003. they will learn about this in their history classes.

we cruised the world financial building next door and got gelato. brad had ice cream that tasted like a tree. poor brad. we ate lunch at a little pizza place. yum. then headed up to china town and little italy to explore.

4 trains later.... no i think it was only 2 or 3 we got there. we ate dinner in little italy. then had a nice time trying to get home that night... red line? green line? get off where? no, go this way... are you sure?

made a stop at k mart for diapers and such for little miss olivia who had been such a good baby all day!

second day summary: rode the subway. a lot.

Saturday, October 4, 2008 york new york...

for my fall break this year i'm out in new york with my family... we all arrived today from our various destinations.

during my first flight i started off my re-lacing my pumas and napped on and off. i stopped in dc for an hour and cleaned out the goldfish that spilled inside my backpack, exciting I KNOW! lol.

When we left DC i witnessed luggage being left behind and in this case a bag fell off the luggage truck and was left in the middle of the tarmac. i watched it just sit there completely unnoticed as we pulled away from the gate. thank goodness it wasn't my bag... but i feel bad for the person whom it belongs to. they had a nice surprise waiting for them at JFK.

my family had already been at JFK for about an hour before I got there. It was good to see them! Baby Olivia and i had fun waiting for our car to arrive and take us into the city.

my dad had mentioned that he had gotten us a limo. and in this case, and for those that know my dad, i'm thinking its one of those bigger bus/van looking things. he said it was a "hummer" and once again i thought he was just being facetious.

well about ten minutes later a white hummer limo pulls up. he really did get us a limo! once again, out of the ordinary for a man like my dad. he's a little on the frugal side, well at least he used to be until about six months ago (mid life crisis maybe; he bought a BMW 750 Li).

i guess here in new york they don't have the same regulations about children restraints in vehicles. olivia sat in my lap the whole ride and at one point stood between my legs and danced up a storm for us.

our apartment for the week is up in Washington heights. we ventured out for dinner and found this yummy bbq place called dallas bbq! oh my gosh the hot wings were so spicy the smell alone cleared your sinuses. the food was delicious and well priced to say the least. we walked around outside columbia's med school which is about two blocks from where we are staying. what a way to get the party started.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

...just something that i read...

i just attended a 3 hours training on the 6 traits of writing. here is a piece that we had to score against a rubric for writing... i thought it was pretty fun. i hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 baby...

our very own baby o is going to be on the cover of a calendar!!!!!! check out the link below!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

my next adventures....


this may seem lame to some, but last night i was watching an episode of one tree hill and the entire episode was devoted to the passing of a 17 year old basketball star. this character had everything before him, he was a senior in high school, star of the basketball team, and had come a long way since his beginnings last season. then it was all gone. he had stopped for gas at the wrong place and at the wrong time, and lost his life.

now i know that doesn't happen every day and i understand that its a fictional story. but at the same time its a very real story. i mean no one knows when and where their life will end. anywho the episode continues on about how each character deasls

...out with the old and in with the new...?

lately i've been thinking a lot about everything that i have left behind in my move to arizona. i have really grown to miss a lot of the people, places, and things that i used to do before coming out here. i mean i guess this is all part of growing up right. i mean we move on, people come into your life, and people leave your life; maybe for a short time and maybe for forever. you have experiences that help you to grow and then they are over. some experiences may seem to come to a premature end and others may seem like they will never will. thats all part of this thing that we call life.

don't get my wrong i have enjoyed getting to know new people and stretching myself. its been fun starting anew and just going for it. my ward is great and i am having fun getting involved and doing something different than i am used to.

so now i'm just wondering how much of what and who i used to be will i still be at the end of all of this? how many people will i still talk to? who will i still consider a friend? and how many will consider me a friend? am i making enough time for both the old and the new? or am i holding on to the old so much that i can't really give an effort to the new? and how do i make sure that i don't become so engulfed with the new that i forget the old?

i have had friends that have gotten married, gone to med school, gone back to byu, moved home, never left home, and moved away for various reasons. how do you find a balance between them all? i've just really come to realize how much i miss a lot of them.

i was laying in bed the other night pondering about life and this very subject. i was going over some counsel that i had heard that had left an impression on my heart. i remember thinking, "i wonder what _____ would think about this. i would really like to hear what his thoughts are." i reached for my phone and looked up the phone number... but instead of pushing SEND i push END. i just kept thinking that he hasn't called so he must be busy... i don't want to bother him. he'll call when he isn't busy and then we can talk.... we still haven't talked. i talked myself out of it. lame. i know. but what happened to the two way street saying? me being selfish, i know. then you just sit and wonder... well what if they don't want to talk to me. what if i think of them and they don't think of me. once again... lame-o right?

it seem silly to think that a few hundred miles would put a metaphorical wall between our friendship. but that's life right. or is it? for example with this one particular friend, i have work and he has school. i have fhe here and he has fhe there... i'm busy trying to make new friends... he's probably doing the same... he is busy hanging out with the new friends he has... there's no time for the old ones and so on. i mean you can find excuse after excuse, but really what's the excuse?

then there's the whole friends of a different gender at this circumstance in our lives. i've heard the argument that there really isn't a point to developing deep relationships with members of the opposite sex unless you plan on making them your spouse. i mean i can kind of see that point, once you get married a very defined line is drawn... but what about before... i mean how are supposed to know that maybe one day this person could really become that best friend that you are looking for... or maybe help you find someone.

i have no idea if this makes any sense... theres so much more to it than this... but i can't find the right words to express what has been weighing on my mind. its somewhere between needing to find a balance between it all, timing (those friendships that developed right before leaving that i wish i could put more effort in) and getting over the fear of missing out. at the end of the day i guess it boils down to life goes on and i'm trying to not let that take away from what experiences that i had before. there comes a time to close a door and walk away... but when is that?

song for the post: for good-wicked

Thursday, September 11, 2008


here is the blog site for my classroom.. its kind of "educational" and not really for entertainment... but if you get bored... take a look.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

...there's no place like home...

once again i found myself in california for the weekend (oh wow, feeling the pressure since amy just told me that she's looking forward to reading this... better make it good). back to the weekend... spent most of it being sick-courtesy of the wonderful germs of kindergarten.

ashley, tom , and i road tripped it out. stopping along the way at del taco and (and 1 hour later this is all i got... haha).

we went out to lunch with the grandparents, all the while i was burning up with a fever and trying not t cough up a lung... hit up the garment district in la... and i tried not to die. during the car rides i ran down the whole synopsis of wicked for the parentals. we've decided to see it again... hopefully on Broadway during our trip to new york in october... still putting the pieces together for that.sunday was sunday. went to a farewell... wow i'm getting old. andy and rebecca came over for sunday dinner and some play time. we taught 'em how to play pasoi. good times. took some ny quil and i was gone!

monday was the best day. the girls woke up early and went to get pedicures. i have the best looking set of toes known to man right now. electric blue with hand painted zebra print! yes that is right. Sweet!

after the relaxing morning we saved tom from chewing off his arm and headed out to newport to have lunch and get yummy cupcakes. the food of choice was RUBY'S! yum. gotta love burgers and milkshakes. here you can see the beautiful toes next to the classic red seats. then came the highlight of the trip.... SPRINKLES! love this place. rebecca had a point. these cupcakes are to die for! we got 18 cupcakes! yup. 18 cupcakes. they ranged from coconut, red velvet, black and white, cinnamon and sugar, lemon, banana, chocolate marshmallow, vanilla, dark chocolate, and maybe a few others. my favorite so far are the red velvet and black and whites. yummy!!!!!
that night our drive was interrupted by witnessing an accident. yes a young man fell asleep at the wheel and hit one of those yellow trash cans filled with water, which spilled all over the two lanes of I-10. he later hit the cement barrier after breaking his front right wheel completely off. we pulled over, blocked traffic, took pictures, filled out paperwork, and made videos. good times.

it was good to be home for a few days. it was good to have fun and just do basically nothing!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

...for my fiftieth post...

....a random conversation today between friends....ENJOY! p.s. andy this one is for you.

9:34 AM Quinn: You've been invited to this chat room!
Andy: hey
Quinn: yo what up
me: hi
Andy: yo
Quinn: jen's coming over to go to church with me
me: andy i dreamed about you
9:35 AM yes i am going to church with quinn
Andy: oh heck yes on the dream
what happened?
me: for some odd reason we decided to get married
9:36 AM but we still hadn't kissed or anything
and you had this cowardly complex about picking out sandals with your dad
you couldn't explain to him why you needed to get a different pair
Andy: what?
me: yeah it was weird
Quinn: that is so weird jen
9:37 AM me: but we did exhange kisses on the cheek
you gave me goose bumps in my dream
Andy: man why is it when girls dream about quinn things HAPPEN and then when they dream about me... it's like this nunnery type thind?
me: lol
i was happy in my dream though
if that makes it any better
Andy: happy doesn't cut it
me: thats too bad
9:38 AM because that is better than any sexual feeling or lust
it was pure happiness
Quinn: haha
i love this conversation
"better than any sexual feeling"
me: what
i was trying to make him feel better
Quinn: haha
me: and telling the truth
9:39 AM Quinn: i know
me: and then he freaking shuts me down
Quinn: hahahaha
me: last time i try to boost your self esteem
Quinn: and he's gone
me: really?
9:40 AM Andy: i gotta go to church
me: don't get butt hurt
Andy: although this conversation needs to be quoted somewhere public
me: it wasn't a bad thing
Andy: classic
me: lol
Andy: yeah right
Andy has left
me: bye@
Quinn: later

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

california day two... dodgers

we ended the day with a dodger game. we sat behind home plate with our season tickets from my dad's work. it was awesome. mike was in heaven the whole time. we cheered and yelled. we were up outta our seats and making a ruckus.

heather and tracie joined us for the game. thank goodness. after they came we got a pleasant surprise from the cotton candy vendor. he presented us with two cotton candy bundles. we were kind of confused to say the least. we politely told him that we didn't buy any and he kindly told us that the gentlemen in the sailor hats had bought them for us.

we laughed and looked back to see our bearers of the gift. we then went over and chatted for a minute and took a picture. i really thought they were in the navy or something. how dumb am i? don't worry heather reminds me. lol. yeah good times. they thought we were with our families. really? seriously? anyways... it was flattering and weird at the same time.

the game was intense in the beginning. there were at least 3 top ten plays during the game. we were down a run and came back in the 9 to tie and go into extra innings. the place was on fire. it was so loud. well as you know we lost. yes its true. oh well.

after the game we got to go down on the field and watch the fireworks.

then it was the long journey home. angelina and talked about how stupid people can be. how much we don't understand how a person could mistreat you after going through so much together. not to mention the shadiness of people's actions. have no fear we also discussed how much has come from the different experiences. and we expressed gratitude for certain individuals and prayers that have come at just the right time. sweet tender mercies from the Lord. i miss her already!

we capped the trip off with trips to the airport on sunday. church at the local single's ward. and a yummy dinner made by my momma! we also exchanged a series of great comical quotes and just had a great time! two...dim sum...wicked...

that night we all spent the night at my house in corona. there was some night swimming and watching the olympics. some stayed up until 6:45 in the morning.... doing gosh knows what *wink**wink*... haha...

the next day was filled with activities from morning until night. we started out the morning with dim sum. this is one of my favorite things to do when i go home. its a great way to get together with my family on my dad's side. my grandparents loved it. my grandma was just beaming. she said that the more people that are there the happier she is. so i hope it made her happy that we all came.

we gobbled up chinese food left and right. i stuffed my face and then some. i talked politics with my grandpa...he says he's ready for change. i also told him that i was thinking about getting my cosmetology license... he laughed. he seriously thought it was joke. that lead to him announcing to the rest of the table about my success at BYU and how he thinks i should do to law school. yup, i guess i won't be telling him if i get my license. lol.

after being fed like royalty curteosy of my grandparents we split off to our various destinations. amy had to go to work. LAME. andy, quinn, and tina took off to the human body experience at the IMAX, the mall, and some other stuff. Angelina, Mike, and I went to meet up with Tracie, Carole, Tawnie, Rebecca, and Caroline to see WICKED.

LOVED IT! i really enjoyed the show. i love the stage and i loved the music. there were a few things that i couldn't get over while watching it, but overall i just loved it. i want to see it again... possibly over labor day weekend... i definitely want to see it before it leaves for san fran.

after we headed to a local rite aid to change clothes, get thrifty's ice cream, and some magazines. then we headed to dodger stadium....