Thursday, March 19, 2009

a post from kindergarten

Here is a post i wrote for my kindergarten blog. the kids loved it.

On Monday we read a story called The Night Before St. Patrick's Day by Natasha Wing. In the story we learned about Leprechauns and the mischief they get into around St. Patrick's Day. We had a lot of questions about Leprechauns that we decided to write Mr. Leprechaun a letter. We also that it might be a good way to trick him and catch him. Our class really wanted to get the gold that we all know leprechauns have!

We learned about how to write a greeting to the person we write a letter to. We also learned about the body of a letter and how to close a letter. We filled our letters with questions and told him how excited we were about St. Patrick's Day.

That night I left out a shiny coin I had brought with me from home. In the story it told us that Leprechaun's like shiny things. I put the coin just on the edge of the desk with the letters we had written and close to the trash can hoping to have the Leprechaun fall in it as he reached for the letters and shiny coin.

I tried to get in touch with Mr. Leprechaun last month to see if he would come by our classroom for a visit. I knew I needed to talk to him in advance because he must get a lot of requests to come and see children. He said that he would try. So I crossed my fingers before I left the classroom that night hoping he would come.

The next morning I arrived at school and to my disappointment there was no Leprechaun. No mess, no gold, and no little man in a green suit. I was so sad. I got the room ready and left the shiny coin out just in case. I thought I heard little foot steps up in the roof and I was hoping he might still come.

The bell rang and it was time to get the kids. Still, no leprechaun. But little did I know that we were in for a surprise. During the time it took me to walk down the hallway and back with the kids from the playground he had COME!

We walked quietly down the hallway to not scary him off in case he was near by. When we opened the doors all the lights were all and to our surprise our whole room was a giant mess!! He had COME! The letters were gone. The coin was gone. And all that was left was a mess! Or so we thought.

There were foot prints all over the room. Tiny foot prints to match the tiny little boots of a Leprechaun! They lead all around the room from table to table, over chairs, over books, and over the rug. But where did they lead?

Madilyn found a mysterious package on the table with a letter attached to it. It was a plain white box with some letters on it. I shook the box and there was a commotion inside. Was it him? Was he stuck in the box? There was only one way to find out.

We read the letter attached to the box and then opened it to see what was inside.... it looked like... GOLD! Well sorta... it was chocolate wrapped in gold foil. Which is a yummy treat. Mr. Leprechaun left us a treat and a nice letter. He told us he was sorry for leaving the mess for us to clean up, but that is just what Leprechaun's do. He also told us that it looked like we had been working hard and that he read some of our journals and was very impressed with our writing skills.

As we kept looking we noticed that he had taken the letters and the shiny coin I had left for him. What he is going to do with them I'm not sure. Maybe he'll write back to us. We'll have to wait and find out!

Wow what a day in Kindergarten!