Friday, February 8, 2008

...ONE of my guilty pleasures... are some of my new favorite bumper stickers...
~*yes, i found them via facebook*~

This one just makes me laugh!

Ha. Aint that the truth.

Way too cute!

No comment.

Yes there is a look.

Guitar Hero.
my little secret.

liking the zebra print.

a fraction of my dating philosophy and
one of my stumbling blocks.
girlie comment.

we all do it.
awww... me and cookies...

Bumper Sitckers... one of my guilty pleasures....

Here are a few of my favorite bumper stickers... yes i found them on facebook. enjoy!

Aint that the truth!
I laugh every time i see this one! adfadfad

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I wanna be a toys r us kid...

I have decided that I love my job. Ok, I'll be honest. There are DAYS that I LOVE my job. Ha. 100s Day was one of those days. My class and I just celebrated our 100th day of school! That means that there are only 80 days left in the school year. Acutally only 76 as of today! Yahoo!

Anywho, I had them draw a picture of what they would look like at 100 years old. They were priceless. I also had them write about what they would do in the 100 years of their life. It was very entertaining.

Most of them decided that they would get married. Some had jobs, others didn't. Here are some things they wrote. I preserved the spelling because it makes it more cute.

One little boy said, "My name is BOB (he apparently will change his name at some point in his life, because his name is not BOB). I have 100 Grand Childerin. I got mairyd to a beautiful ladey named Marry she is cool. My Job is takeing the garbage for BYU. I like it. I am rich. I am 100 years old. I had 2 kids.

A girl wrote, "I am very rich. I got rich in 100 years. I got rich by sewing stuf and...selling it for two dollers. I got a job at Mcdonolds. I didn't get married. At lunch time i would eat lunch and dinner at my job. I sewed a lot of stuff. i went to the cicus (circus) once. i had a lot of friends. Whe i was a kid i rolled down hills."

One of my more challenging boys wrote, "my Job is to wock (watch) tv all day. im not mereed. and i don't like cids. and i have a long can (cane). and my name is eldin (apparently he wants to change his name too)."

"I am rich because evretheng i buy is free..." Yeah i'd be rich that way too!

"I wuz famis"

"I am rich" Why are you rich? or how did you get rich? "I am rich because I'm a milleinar...duh!"

"When I am 100 I will to to the groshreystore. And get mered to Bob. And have kids. And I have grandkids. I like to play the piano. I like kid's so much. I have friend's. I am a Grandma! I would propley be presedent. I went to caloge!"