Sunday, December 28, 2008

...a strong 10...

...dear santa part II...

ok so i promised that i would posted picture from the date and reveal the very clever guy who asked me on a date via a letter to santa (see previous entry). his name is bryan bluth. and for our first date he hosted a dinner party with his closest friends and the girl of their choice.

the night before we got together and made some yummy goodness in the kitchen. who knew a cougar and a ute could get along and create some culinary master pieces! we baked gingerbread with lemon sauce, wassail, and red hot apples. i learned where everything went in their kitchen, maybe a little better than his sister. we stay up and talked until about midnight.the next night was the fabulous dinner party. i was an hour late. lol. my ride (because bry was getting everything ready and hosting) was fashionably late due to the fact that his date had fallen alseep and forgot to get a gift for the gift exchange (love you Kenz). We kind of missed the wassail part of the evening.

as soon as we arrived we were seated outside at a table that was decorated thickly (but not too thickly) with holiday cheer. the ambiance was perfect. the heaters kept us warm as we enjoyed french onion soup (that bry made earlier in the day), a spinach salad (that i passed on eating), pork tenderloin, red hot apples, yummy mashed potatoes, and rhodes rolls! YUM! Bryan out did himself. he is a great cook! my compliments to the chef!

the wonderful servers for the meal were Bryan's younger sister, Lexi, and her friend. They were very polite and did an amazing job making sure we were taken care of. By the way i loved how they were dressed in all black. Thanks Lexi.
after we stuffed ourselves silly full of delicious goodness, we moved inside to play greed, catch phrase (j "its made of ham..." a: "put the sanwich in a bag"), and eat dessert. after bry and i washed dishes until about 1 in the morning. i sported his U shirt as to keep from getting dirty (secretly i was hoping to get it dirty while washing dishes and cleaning up my sister has a dirty mind). then talked until about 3 in the morning.

so was there a second date? or possible more... you'll have to wait to find out. more pictures from the evening can be found in the album "i'm dreaming of a white christmas...because is aint going to happen..."

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

...dear santa...

this past weekend i was directed to this pleasant surprise on a poster as big as the wall at a party i was attending. brownie points for being clever. how could i refuse him after this. plus he is pretty cute. as you can see below we'll be going out on Friday. i'm sure you can figure out what that means for the second phone number listed. i'll make sure to take some pictures of the date and reveal the guy then. or you can just go to the album on the right and look him up. lol.