Sunday, August 24, 2008

...for my fiftieth post...

....a random conversation today between friends....ENJOY! p.s. andy this one is for you.

9:34 AM Quinn: You've been invited to this chat room!
Andy: hey
Quinn: yo what up
me: hi
Andy: yo
Quinn: jen's coming over to go to church with me
me: andy i dreamed about you
9:35 AM yes i am going to church with quinn
Andy: oh heck yes on the dream
what happened?
me: for some odd reason we decided to get married
9:36 AM but we still hadn't kissed or anything
and you had this cowardly complex about picking out sandals with your dad
you couldn't explain to him why you needed to get a different pair
Andy: what?
me: yeah it was weird
Quinn: that is so weird jen
9:37 AM me: but we did exhange kisses on the cheek
you gave me goose bumps in my dream
Andy: man why is it when girls dream about quinn things HAPPEN and then when they dream about me... it's like this nunnery type thind?
me: lol
i was happy in my dream though
if that makes it any better
Andy: happy doesn't cut it
me: thats too bad
9:38 AM because that is better than any sexual feeling or lust
it was pure happiness
Quinn: haha
i love this conversation
"better than any sexual feeling"
me: what
i was trying to make him feel better
Quinn: haha
me: and telling the truth
9:39 AM Quinn: i know
me: and then he freaking shuts me down
Quinn: hahahaha
me: last time i try to boost your self esteem
Quinn: and he's gone
me: really?
9:40 AM Andy: i gotta go to church
me: don't get butt hurt
Andy: although this conversation needs to be quoted somewhere public
me: it wasn't a bad thing
Andy: classic
me: lol
Andy: yeah right
Andy has left
me: bye@
Quinn: later

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

california day two... dodgers

we ended the day with a dodger game. we sat behind home plate with our season tickets from my dad's work. it was awesome. mike was in heaven the whole time. we cheered and yelled. we were up outta our seats and making a ruckus.

heather and tracie joined us for the game. thank goodness. after they came we got a pleasant surprise from the cotton candy vendor. he presented us with two cotton candy bundles. we were kind of confused to say the least. we politely told him that we didn't buy any and he kindly told us that the gentlemen in the sailor hats had bought them for us.

we laughed and looked back to see our bearers of the gift. we then went over and chatted for a minute and took a picture. i really thought they were in the navy or something. how dumb am i? don't worry heather reminds me. lol. yeah good times. they thought we were with our families. really? seriously? anyways... it was flattering and weird at the same time.

the game was intense in the beginning. there were at least 3 top ten plays during the game. we were down a run and came back in the 9 to tie and go into extra innings. the place was on fire. it was so loud. well as you know we lost. yes its true. oh well.

after the game we got to go down on the field and watch the fireworks.

then it was the long journey home. angelina and talked about how stupid people can be. how much we don't understand how a person could mistreat you after going through so much together. not to mention the shadiness of people's actions. have no fear we also discussed how much has come from the different experiences. and we expressed gratitude for certain individuals and prayers that have come at just the right time. sweet tender mercies from the Lord. i miss her already!

we capped the trip off with trips to the airport on sunday. church at the local single's ward. and a yummy dinner made by my momma! we also exchanged a series of great comical quotes and just had a great time! two...dim sum...wicked...

that night we all spent the night at my house in corona. there was some night swimming and watching the olympics. some stayed up until 6:45 in the morning.... doing gosh knows what *wink**wink*... haha...

the next day was filled with activities from morning until night. we started out the morning with dim sum. this is one of my favorite things to do when i go home. its a great way to get together with my family on my dad's side. my grandparents loved it. my grandma was just beaming. she said that the more people that are there the happier she is. so i hope it made her happy that we all came.

we gobbled up chinese food left and right. i stuffed my face and then some. i talked politics with my grandpa...he says he's ready for change. i also told him that i was thinking about getting my cosmetology license... he laughed. he seriously thought it was joke. that lead to him announcing to the rest of the table about my success at BYU and how he thinks i should do to law school. yup, i guess i won't be telling him if i get my license. lol.

after being fed like royalty curteosy of my grandparents we split off to our various destinations. amy had to go to work. LAME. andy, quinn, and tina took off to the human body experience at the IMAX, the mall, and some other stuff. Angelina, Mike, and I went to meet up with Tracie, Carole, Tawnie, Rebecca, and Caroline to see WICKED.

LOVED IT! i really enjoyed the show. i love the stage and i loved the music. there were a few things that i couldn't get over while watching it, but overall i just loved it. i want to see it again... possibly over labor day weekend... i definitely want to see it before it leaves for san fran.

after we headed to a local rite aid to change clothes, get thrifty's ice cream, and some magazines. then we headed to dodger stadium.... one...

day 1- it all started with a road trip with my good friend quinn. we took off from az after school on friday. we managed to make it less than 5 hours and on less than 3/4 of a tank of gas!!! along the way we blasted new tunes, discussed gospel principles, figured out that my cd player doesn't play songs with the f-bomb in them, and laughed a lot!

we arrived at my house in corona later that evening. shortly thereafter amy and tina joined us. we had nachos and bean dip. my mom had made us grilled cheese sandwiches and fresh chocolate chip cookies. now you know where i get it from. Amy and i had come up with this brillant idea to make posters for mike and angelina when we picked them up from the airport. the artwork can be seen in the album.

originally amy and i were going to dress up all crazy and try to embarrass them that way too, but that didn't happen. we also had big plans to dress up for wicked... but that didn't happen either due to the fact that amy's boss is a LAME-O! yes thats right a LAME-O and scheduled her to work even though he promised her the night off 2 months ago!

later, andy finally joined us from my hometown of walnut! we finished up the poster and started on our way to pick up the two from SLC. they touched down before we got there so i made up some lame white lie to get them to stay up stairs near the gate so we could still surprise them when they came down. they fell for it. so low and behold they were surprise.

quinn dropped to one knee and "proposed" to mike. mike ran to me ignoring quinn. lol. i screamed for them, but angelina just thought that i was some crazy waiting for someone else. they both had no idea it was for them! needless to say they loved it.

we took the festivities out to the parking lot and began the video tapping. we couldn't fit the resistance of the typical football entrance through the banners we made. so why not tape them. it took three attempts to finally bust through the posters. sad.

of course we headed straight to in-n-out and had a burger. there we had a competition with pepper chinnies or however you spell them. it made for some good video and good quotes. tina was the winner eating two. she was totally immune to the heat of the pepper. quinn and amy had the best reactions. i'll have to see if i can post the videos that go with these happenings.