Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

...march in may...

Update update… gosh where to start. I have been a blogger slacker. Let’s start with my birthday! “It’s my birthday…” ok well its really not my birthday now… but it was. It seemed like March was pretty much my birthday ALL MONTH. With scheduling and planning the birthday celebrations spanned over about two weeks!

We kicked off my birthday with a dinner with friends up at Greasewood Flats in North Scottsdale. Bry had heard of this place and always wanted to go and check it out. My birthday made for a great excuse to do so. Bryan organized it all and a group of about 30 to 40 of us headed up to celebrate.

Before we left Court and Lexi gave me the cutest charm for my juicy bracelet!

We enjoyed great bbq and good music. The company wasn’t too shabby either. They had horse shoes and open fire pits going. Bryan, Courtney, Austin, and I played a few rounds of horse shoes. Let’s just say it was a learning experience. Court and I didn’t have the distance thing down… but we had so much grace and pose. Bryan and Austin had the distance thing down, one had the lob approach while the other took the line drive approach. Both approaches proved to be superior to grace and pose (haha). I hit the post once. Doit (Court) had the most style points. The real horse shoe players were Chase, Jordan, Austin, and Matt. They were sharkin’ everyone.

The best part of that night was the country dancin’. Bryan and LeeAnn two stepped with an older couple that was there taking their bi annual trip to Greasewood. BryanBryan’s 40 some girlfriend asked him to do shots with her… love it. She could have taught him a thing or two I’m sure outside of the two step. Lee had a great time. She looked like she was having a blast. Love you Lee. Thanks for comin’. found another cougar! She pounced on him like a little birdie. “Don’t get cocky… you’re getting’ cocky.”

Later that night Bryan and I headed to PF Changs for a delicious dinner. After dinner and fortune cookies we went swimming at the Phoenician Hotel. It was a low key birthday night. B got me the cutest tennis outfit. It’s a white nike ruffled skirt and a BLUE nike top. LOVE the skirt. And the top too. He also added a dainty dogeared golden apple necklace with a little bite out of it. LOVE it too.

After that my family came in town. My sister, Jacks, and her daughter Olivia came in for a wedding. My parents came down for the same wedding! It was perfect, except for the face that Brad wasn’t there. Bryan and I drove down to Tucson the next afternoon after Bryan's play practice with Tom just in time for the ceremony.

We stayed in Tucson that night with my family and then headed back up to phoenix on my ACTUAL birthday. That night our families met for the first time at my birthday dinner that Bryan's mom put together for me. It was amazing. One thing that my mom and Bryan's mom definitely have in common is that they know how to entertain. Bryan's family graciously hosted a birthday party for me and my family.

Olivia even got her own special sippy cup. The food was great. The ambiance was great. Everyone got a long so that was great. My cake was an ice cream cake from baskin robbins... yum my favorite. chocolate cake with chocolate chip ice crean. it has orange and yellow polka dots on it which matched the theme of the decorations. my sister bought these sparkler light candles and informed me that i'm getting so old that she had to buy two packs of candles for the cake. sigh.

my parents gave me the letter pendant "j" from tiffanys. side note: still have to think about which way it faces when i put it on. reminds me of karen and her "k" on mean girls. my sister and Liv (and brad too) gave me two cute sweaters and a Hello Kitty Birthday Crown. oh and one of those old school Sanrio plastic wallets from way back in the day. haha.

Bryan's family is good with words and quite clever with puns and such. So as a personal gift from them they wrote me a poem that went something like this:


We celebrate that birthday of Jen

Born March 85, way back when

From Corona So Cal

You're a beautiful gal

Most definitely the article gen...uine

You went to college at BYU

Guess you couldn't get into the U

But Jen, that's okay

Cuz we really must say

You turned out fine despite your time at the ZOO

As a sports fan you are without peer

With you it's March Madness most of the year

Your only SportsCenter disruption

Is Pardon the Interruption

You're okay in my book, my dear.

So today as you turn twenty fore

That's two dozen, that's four and a score

Happy Birthday, Best Wishes

To one of the valley's hottest dishes

And multiple many many more.