Sunday, January 17, 2010

"cruises are so much fun."-Annie

the quote above we will get to later.

most of you know that our honeymoon was a secret to me the entire time we were engaged. bryan made it his mission to make sure that i had no idea where we were going, how we would get there, etc. i was completely clueless. i tired relentlessly to get it out of him. to no avail i came up empty handed with no answer.

i started to get really stressed out about it about a month and a half before the big day. i am an A-type personality. so i love to make a list of things that i pack and things that i need to pick up, etc. i am pretty anal and i usually make a list of each outfit and the different outfit combinations i can make for the trip with the clothes in the suitcase.

not to mention the fact that i didn't know if i should pack for a cold environment or a warm beachy environment. i was going crazy. packing for a cruise for example is different than packing for a resort stay. packing for the mountains is different than the city. sigh. you can see my predicament.

so fast forward day of the wedding. still had no idea where i was going on my first vacation as a wife. we made it all the way until the wedding reception. occasionally a guest here or there would ask where we were going. i covered my ears and sang to myself while bryan shared the destination. i was being good about it.

tess. courtney. annie.

we had found sometime between waves of guest to walk around and chat with some friends. bryan's wonderful friends from utah came all the way down to help celebrate. annie, tess, and courtney. we chatted and exchanged short stories. annie then asked me if i was excited for our honey moon. i said yes. and she replied "cruises are so much fun."

i didn't really know what to say. i had a few things running through my head all at once: "are we going on a cruise? where are we going on a cruise? i wonder if i've cruised there before? do i have the right clothes for a cruise? oh my i don't think i have..." i guess my face gave away all the questions going through my head.

then court said..."i don't think she knew about that annie." oops. it was great =). that was followed by bryan "oh yeah did i mention we're going on a crusie?" we all just laughed. it was great. annie felt bad, but didn't need to. no big deal. i was bound to find out soon enough... he only had a 12 hour time frame by then.

thanks girls for coming down... and easing my anxiety (i repacked my suitcase at my parent's house that night before we left).

according to annie... "cruises are so much fun." and you know what- she is right.

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